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Available Courses

By offering several courses, APS Payroll Training gives you the tools to gain an advantage through specialised training. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Introduction to APS Payroll

Suited to very new payroll employees

Our Introduction Course starts with the basics of payroll calculations and entitlements.  Great for developing foundation skills or if you are new to the APS payroll arena.

Prior Service and Long Service Leave

Suited to staff with some experience

This course begins with an overview of the principles of the Long Service Leave Act in the morning for prior service, including recognition of various mainstream leave types before transitioning to LSL for an indepth and hands on afternoon of calculations and scenarios for LSL.  Participants are encouraged to bring along any prior service being worked on.  Please note that Casual LSL is covered in the Advanced LSL

Final Monies

Suited to staff with some experience

The course steps through various calculations, and taxation treatment for general final entitlements.

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Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave covers the principles of the Maternity Leave Act, eligibility requirements for ongoing and non-ongoing employees, Parental Leave Payments. 

Advanced Long Service

Experience calculating long service leave is required to get the best out of the course

This advanced course, explores more complex issues, determining service, part-time and casual calculations and other often overlooked rules.

Redundancy Calculations

Experience calculating final monies

This course covers manual calculations of redundancy payments, including taxation and prior service under relevant legislation.

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